Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update on A1C and Diabetes Goals

In January I posted my diabetes-related goals for the year. In March I posted my updates. To recap, my goals included getting my A1C below 8, figuring out how to exercise without dropping BG too much, and getting a CGM. My A1C went from 8.9 to 8.3, and now we are at....

7.1! That is a big improvement from 8.3! I can't help but feel... proud (?) of myself for this. I really don't have much pride in myself, so this is a super big deal. Also, my doctor never sent these results to me, so I had to face my crippling anxiety caused by phone calls (I'm not joking) to call the office to request my results. So, TAKE THAT, anxiety. 

In terms of remembering to change my set, I can't mention my calendar/sticker system enough. It really made the difference for me. Change the set, get a sticker on the calendar. It sounds so simple. It is so simple. It is exactly what I needed to get on track, though. 

Goal 2: exercise without BG tanking. Check. I now check my BG about 30 minutes before I plan to exercise and if I'm in range I disconnect then, before I start sweating. I like to hover around 130 when I go to the gym. It gives me enough of a buffer against low BG that I feel comfortable, but isn't high enough to make me feel gross or anxious. When I go to the gym I take a lanyard, and on that lanyard is a pouch with my meter inside and my glucose tab key chain. 

Goal 3: Get a CGM. Also Check. I've been using my new Dexcom G4 for 6 days now and I love it. The first night it woke me up with a low. Since then I've felt more comfortable going to bed, especially if I'm around 90. With my Dex I know the chances of crashing because of my trend graph. So far, so good on that.

Well, it's May, and I've completed the tasks I set for myself. What now? Get my A1C below 7! Reduce my post-meal spikes. Move more! Weigh less! Feel better! 


  1. It's awesome that you've achieved all of your goals and it's only May! Congrats!

  2. Courtney, you are one of my "Diabetes Children" and I am thrilled when you have successes that inspire you to keep fighting the good fight. I am 62 years old and walked the dog and played golf today for a total of 11 miles. (Oh yes, I went to Costco also and that probably added a mile.). You are doing great and I am so happy to "know" you. Congrats for the great A1c!