Thursday, January 9, 2014

D-goals for 2014.

Inspired by the DSMA chat last night (1/8), I set out to make a list of diabetes goals that I have this year. It's not a long list.

  • Bring A1C down below 8. How?
    • Get better at carb counting. After 16 years, I've got the basics. What I need to get better at is determining the "weird" factor. For example, my body is weird with peanut butter sandwiches. Even when I measure the peanut butter, my blood sugar goes higher than it should, and I have to give an extra unit of insulin when I eat a PB sandwich. I need to identify more food patterns like this so I can bolus more effectively.
    • Choose the lower carb option. This is self-explanatory
    • Change my sets more regularly. I need to start putting my set changes on a calendar so I can keep better track.
  • Figure out how to exercise without dropping 50+ points. It's annoying. Even when I disconnect my pump, my blood sugar drops at least 50 points when I exercise. It's not a big deal if I start out around 160, but anything below that usually ends with a snack. Which doesn't help me lose any weight, which I would like to do.
  • Make this the year of the CGM. I've wanted one for a long time. Really. I've done my research on them, but I haven't brought it up with my endo in over a year. This falls under my non-D goal of being more assertive. 
That's it. That's my goal list. I don't normally set goals. Usually I give myself challenges like seeing how many days I can go without breaking 200. It's not a "go X days" goal, because diabetes is NOT as formulaic as we would like it to be. I only let myself get upset about breaking the streak if it's something I could have prevented, like forgetting to bolus, not changing my set in time to prevent bad absorption, etc. 

Someone remind me of this post in June. I'd like to see how I'm doing, and kick my own ass for not having had the CGM talk by then.

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  1. A CGM would make your A1c and food pattern goals a LOT easier! It's a scary thing to take on but most everyone falls in love with it in the end :) Best of luck!