Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thurdsday: Mantras and More

What gets you through a tough diabetes day? Succinctly: the internet. Because, after all, the internet is for... friends (thought I was gonna say porn, didn't you?). I know if I'm having a bad day, I can hop on Twitter, or my blog, or wherever, and bitch about it. Beyond getting support from my online diabetic friends, the internet is just full of really entertaining things.

Offline, I have my family, friends, and my marvelous boyfriend who will let me cuddle up to him when I'm feeling really down. He's a really good cuddler. I have my dog, who is also good at cuddles. She is ALWAYS up for going on a long walk, which is sometimes exactly what I need.

The best person I can talk to about my diabetes is my mom. My mom and I have always been close, and she's helped me through so much diabetes crap in the last 16 years. She'll listen to me complain about whatever is happening, give me a hug if I'm talking to her in person, and then move on. She lets me know that my feelings are valid, offers some comfort, and then asks me what the next step is. It's a useful tactic, one that I try to employ myself when others are having a bad time of things.

Sometimes diabetes just pisses me off, and I let it. I harness the anger and do something useful with it. Occasionally it's exercise, but usually I anger clean. Actually, I anger clean a lot. My favorite angry cleaning is anything that involves scrubbing. Bathtubs, carpets, counters, whatever. Vacuuming isn't bad, but scrubbing works the best.

Getting pissed is easier to get over than being depressed. That takes a while. Thankfully, diabetes usually just pisses me off. I get pissed and I move on. I don't really give myself time to dwell on it for too long.

There you have it, Courtney's methods for stress relief. 


  1. I don't know what I'd do without my boyfriend and his cuddles. Perfect for those super upsetting or infuriating moments!


  2. I'm so glad you have a wonderful support system, that is so important. And feel free to come to my house any time you need to anger scrub!! I'll be happy to vacuum for you in return.

  3. I wish you come anger clean at my house! But seriously, good post and great attitude. And what a wonderful mom you must have.

  4. Now I've got Avenue Q songs going through my head! (Man, that was a good show. I saw it years ago...)

    And I'm with you. I don't focus on the bad stuff, and exerting some manual, physical labor is good to clear the mind...