Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Poetry Tuesday

I'm not a poet, and I know it. It's slightly ironic because an old screen name of mine was i_write_poemz because in high school, I did write poems. And songs. My talents must have dried up with old age. I don't know. But here are some efforts:


We threw a great party for Matt,
So gathered together we sat.
When they cut the cake,
Inside was a snake,
But what do I bolus for that?!

Surely this must be a joke,
That waitress just brought me a Coke!
I found some solace
That I could just bolus
But oh what a fear it evoked!

Once when my BG was high,
I slowly started to cry.
I took a shot,
And surely I thought,
Today's not the day I will die.

In time to set out for a jog,
My head was filled up with fog.
I didn't know
My BG was low,
And I nearly tripped over my dog.

Insurance wanted to cash-in,
My test strips were carefully rationed.
One test a day
Is surely the way
To show folks you have no compassion.


Checking on the go
Suddenly a traffic light
Test strips everywhere

Snacking with my friends
Max bolus exceeded
Glorious pizza

That's all for now. I had to choose simple poetry forms that had easy-to-follow rules. I will also admit to using my fingers to count syllables.


  1. OMG Courtney, these are freaking amazing!

  2. I also used my fingers to count the syllables for my Haiku (also broke the syllable rules!)

    I loved yours, they made me smile :)


  3. Just grinning this morning as I read these. They're wonderful. No, I don't think your poetry talent has left you at all.

  4. Great job! And yesterday was Limerick Day so these are perfect :) I had to smile about the traffic light haiku - been there!

  5. I think you've found a new talent!

  6. Oh these are all so awesome!! I think my favorite, though, is that last limerick about insurance companies having no compassion.

  7. Your last haiku really spoke to me on a personal level. I'm glad someone else feels the same about pizza.

  8. I truly LOL'ed at your limericks. In the middle of a work meetiing

  9. I LOVE limericks. They were fabulous

  10. Sorry I missed this last week. You have a fantastic talent that has NOT left you. Great poetry.