Thursday, March 13, 2014

Update on 2014 D-Goals

In January, I posted my 2014 diabetes goals on this blog. They were few and not too lofty. How am I doing?

Bring A1C below 8. Going in, my A1C was 8.9. It was checked again in February, and now it's at 8.3. That number includes December, the month of Christmas cookies. I believe I am on my way to doing better, but the next A1C is going to include my 2 weeks with a weird pump where my BG was consistently 200+. We'll see.

I'm getting better at counting my carbs, and being honest about them. I'll look things up on my phone when I'm out eating and not sure. The biggest barrier to accurate carb counting was my unwillingness to put large carb amounts into my pump. I'm not sure why. It would send my BG high, but I still just wanted to not have that many carbs in my pump. So in addition to actually eating fewer carbs, I'm more honest about the ones I do eat.

I'm changing my infusion sets more regularly. I used to not change them until my absorption was crap or my set hurt. Now the calendar in my kitchen is full of Lisa Frank stickers. I get a sticker each time I change my set. It helps me remember when I changed my set, and I'm more likely to change it on time. I think I've only gone more than three days once since January. I'm also trying new sites, like my arms. I thought I would hate using my arms, but once I tried it I fell in love. The absorption is awesome, and it leads to discussions about diabetes with strangers. Bonus!

I've been exercising without my pump. It's an adjustment to actually do anything without it. I check my BG after 30 minutes, and if I'm going too low, I pop a glucose tab or two. They're pretty low-calorie and they get the job done. But then I sprained my foot, and everything went to hell.

Still no CGM. I didn't bring it up at my appointment, but I might next time. I don't know why I'm hesitant to ask, but... yeah. I've got nothing. I know I have a long way to go to bring my BG in line, and I think this could help. I'd catch the highs before they're at WTF levels.

So that's where I am in terms of my D-goals. Hopefully I have a better update in a few months! 

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  1. You're doing a great job. You're making progress on your goals and you're also understanding what it takes to make progress. I also think that I can detect a bit of pride in your post today and that's really important. You should feel proud of how you're doing. This D-stuff ain't easy....