Thursday, March 20, 2014

...Right in the boob.

I'll stick a needle anywhere once. I'm getting pretty adventurous when it comes to these things. Recently I've stuck my arms consistently and I loved it. Last Sunday, I stuck my boob.
It actually wasn't a huge deal. I have plenty of space on my breasts to place infusion sites. I use the angled sets from Medtronic (Silhouettes). I insert them manually, so I am able to control to speed and angle of insertion. If I'm in new real estate, I can pull out if it doesn't feel right. When I put this one in, I didn't feel a thing. Nope. Not one.

When I was considering this spot, I compiled a few factors that determined exactly where on the breast it was going to go. It had to be somewhere my underwire wouldn't rub it. It had to be somewhere my backpack straps wouldn't interrupt. It had to be somewhere that I could take a non-pornographic photo of, because I share my entire D life with the internet. So, with all of this in mind, I showered and changed my set. After I put it in, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then promptly tweeted about my boob site.

So how was it? Not bad. Like I said, I didn't feel a thing with insertion. As far as absorption, I'd probably rank it with my butt flesh. That being said, I did have a cold this week so I know that messed with my numbers. I'll have to try it again before giving a definitive result on absorption. I didn't feel any of my infusions like I sometimes do with my thighs. It never itched as intensely as my thigh sites, either. It never rubbed on my clothes, and the tubing was always under my shirt, so I didn't catch it on any doorknobs for a few days. That was nice.

*edit* I've tried the boob site a few more times, and every time my absorption was fantastic. It leaves a little dot on my boob for a while, but it's worth it.

On a personal note, I don't think my boyfriend liked my boob site. I told him I'm going to do it again, and he just sighed. "Why there?" Heh.

I'm going to give it another go, on the other boob, before I draw any conclusions. I was not convinced of arm sites until my second try. Who knows, boobs could be my favorite place for sites!

If you're looking for another boob-site blog, C wrote about her experience with using her breasts here


  1. You should not put an infusion set on your breasts. Insulin is a hormone and it promotes growth.

  2. HMMM. I think I might try this. I have had diabetes since my 5th birthday and now am 40. Been on 4 pumps. I was looking around for some creative places to stick those infusion sets and saw this!!! I am not sure it will work being I am barely a B size, but we will see!! Thanks.