Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Bone of Contention

This is my sore foot that has been bothering me for about a year now. I've been seeing doctors since January, trying to get some relief. I've tried physical therapy, ice, rest, steroid injections, topical creams, shoe inserts and pads... I've tried everything. The problem? A super high arch combined with an exostosis (extra bone growth) which rubbed against my shoes, causing persistent tendinitis. Then, over the months, the rubbing caused a cyst to form under the tendon in my foot. Now, I'm not an artist, or a doctor, but I'm going to try explaining this the best I can.

 The pink squiggle is the tendon that is irritated. The yellow lump is my new cyst (which I can feel and move under my skin. Kinda yucky).  The red line is where the surgeon is going to go in and shave my bone down. Yeah, shave. Hopefully the shaving will alleviate the pressure on my tendon and prevent the cyst from returning. 

I've already gotten my prescriptions for after the surgery. Ibuprofen, antibiotics, and Vicodin. Does anyone out there know if the acetaminophen in Vicodin is going to mess with my Dexcom numbers? I've tried Google, but the results are inconclusive.

I had my pre-op appointment this week, where they told me to not take any insulin at all the day of surgery. Um, that sounds like a terrible idea. Surgery is at noon. So I called my endo's office, who told me I should let my surgeon handle my insulin, until I told them what the surgeon wanted me to do. I'm still waiting on official word from my endo as to what I should do. 

I'll be posting an update eventually as to how everything went with my insulin needs and how the Vicodin affected my Dexcom readings, if at all. 

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  1. The acetimenophin in Vicodin never messed with my Dex numbers much, but I have a feeling this is a your diabetes mAy vary kind of thing, and probably depends on your dosage as well