Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello, Old Friend.

Because I like having color options!

Two weeks ago I decided to change the type of set I use, again. When I started pumping in 2002, I was given QuickSets, and I didn't even know anything else existed until about 2012. I was having problems with the spring in my QuickSerter, so I was on the phone with a Medtronic rep who offered to send a sample of a different set (Mios) with the new inserter. My mind was blown when I was asked what color I wanted. Mios are self-contained sets that have an all-in-one package that includes a serter. They're cool. 

Fast forward a year. I was really trying to get better at diabetes. Two things led to me experimenting with Silhouette infusion sets: my fear of the set change and my desire to try new pump sites. I really wanted to try sticking sets in my arms and legs. As I've mentioned before, most of my body weight is in my middle; I have tiny little arms and legs. My legs in particular have almost no fat on them. To make myself feel better about it, I ordered a sample of the Silhouettes, the angled sets from Medtronic. They come with an inserter that is, quite honestly, terrifying. It reminds me of a handheld harpoon gun. I chose to insert them manually because I was developing anxiety of the spring-loaded serter. The Silhouettes are amazing for the leaner areas, especially when inserted manually. There's a great amount of control when using them. So why did I change back to the Mios? 

Big, angry red spots. Every time I put a site in, no matter where, no matter how well I cleaned it, they it was red and irritated the very next day. It wasn't an adhesive issue; the irritation was where the cannula entered my skin. A few of them got infected, despite my efforts to be super clean around them at all times. I tried using a few of the Mios I had left over, and I was actually able to keep them in for more than 24 hours. I called Medtronic to see if I could send my last shipment back and exchange them. Thankfully, they allowed me to do it.

I've been back on the Mios for two weeks now and things are going great. I can leave my sets in for their full three days. It doesn't hurt constantly! I still use arm sites, but the leg sites are a no-go. I've been exercising and my thighs are too lean for me to do sites there comfortably. 

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