Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Very 'Betic Christmas to You!

First thing on the tree!

In preparation for Christmas this year, I've pulled out all the stops. First, let me tell you that Christmas time is the only time of year when I possess whimsy. It's just not a trait I generally have. Something about the mildly colder weather makes me go nuts for fake trees, sparkly lights, and tales of flying mammals. 

Being the sort of person I am, I have spent over a year collecting insulin bottles for a holiday like this. As pictured above, I put a bottle on the tree. I've baked diabetes-inspired gingerbread. I used the vast majority of my bottle collection to make the most spectacular string of lights you'll ever see.

It was a painstaking process that included prying the damn lids off of the bottles, rinsing, and waiting for them to completely dry. After the bottles were prepared, I used Gorilla Glue to hold them to the light strand. It was... a process. I'll leave it at that. It was a process. I now have a strand of 35 illuminated Humalog bottles, and I haven't yet decided where to display it. I'm thinking of putting them up at my parents' house because my only diabetic cousin is coming for Christmas this year. It'll help us bond over our lack of beta cells. 


  1. Fun to see you whimsical side, Courtney, and Merry Christmas!

    p.s. I hope you've gotten a new battery and reservoir for that purple pump.... BTW I love the cookies:-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love love love those cookies!!!!

  3. this is the coolest.