Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Make Your Own Humalights

My last post included Humalog lights, or Humalights. In the event that anyone else has the mad desire to hoard every empty insulin bottle and string them on lights, I'm going to tell you how I made mine.

First, I pried all of the lids off of the bottles using a cheapie bottle opener (mine's a flamingo).

Next, I rinsed all of the bottles out. I'm apparently bad at numbers, because I thought I had a 30-light strand, so I originally only rinsed 30, but it turns out I needed 35. In this picture, all the bottles are sitting on my oven while I was baking to help evaporate any remaining liquid. 

PS: white stove tops are terrible
After that was over with, I plopped the caps back on the bottles and stuck the lights inside. I didn't like the way they sat inside the bottles, so I widened the holes so they sat just a smidge lower. I used the handle of a paint brush to do the widening, times 35. 

The left opening is wider than the right, see?

The final step was to make sure everything fit together correctly, and cemented everything together with Gorilla Glue. To Make sure it bound correctly, I taped the light strand to the bottle while the glue set.

They fit! They fit!

Voila! Humalights! Now I just need a craft to use up the rubber bottle stoppers! 

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