Saturday, January 3, 2015

Diabetes Goals: 2015

Okay, it's January 3 and I have yet to commit to any New Year's resolutions. So here we are. It's good to have goals, it really is, but I've never been a huge believer in changing everything overnight just because the year on the calendar has changed. My goals aren't really specific to it being a new year; they're things I've been steadily working on anyway. Just as it's good to have goals in the first place, it's also good to have them written down and shared. At least for me, having my goals out there gives me a sense of responsibility to stick to it. So, diabetes goals...

  • Bring A1C below 7.  I rang in 2014 with an 8.3, and I'm ringing in 2015 with a 7.1. I can do this, I really can. How? Listen to my CGM more than I do. I need to use it to live closer to the 100 line than the 150 line. Last year I started my CGM and I started changing my mindset toward numbers. 200 used to be my upper limit, and over time I've bumped it to 180. I'm afraid that if I bump it any lower it will alarm every time I eat. I think listening to my CGM will make the biggest difference. 
  • Stop obsessing over BG numbers. I know it sounds counter-intuitive given my goal of decreasing my A1C, but sometimes I drive myself nuts stressing out over going to bed with my BG at 150+. I stress myself out sometimes for no good reason other than I'd like to see a better number on my meter. 
  • Eat fewer carbs. This is a huge challenge for me. Not only are carbs the most delicious thing on the planet, but I'm a vegetarian who hates eggs and cheese. These are the go-to snacks and meals of the low-carbers I've spoken to. I know full and well I'm going to fail this so hard. I like salad and veggies as much as the next person, but potatoes and pasta are the best. 
  • Like myself more. This isn't even related to diabetes, mostly. I've always had a hard time liking myself, from the things I say to the way I look in the mirror. Especially the way I look in the mirror. It's hard to admit, but I'm a bit vain. Yeah, the one who hardly wears makeup ever is actually vain. It's something to work on. 
There are my four goals for 2015, or just for life in general. Last year I achieved my goals by May. I'll give myself until June to check back for a progress report unless I beat my record (doubtful). 

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