Monday, November 24, 2014

I Like to Laugh at Diabetes


I've been on Twitter for over a year now under the name Pancreassassin. In that time, I haven't changed my description line at all. It sums up the purpose of my Twitter account nicely: I like to laugh at diabetes. I do. I'm one of those "laughter is the best medicine" type people (obviously insulin is better than laughter for a plate of pasta, but you get my meaning). 

I started off using my Twitter to laugh at diabetes, and as time has gone on I've started using it for more than amusement. I get in touch with my DOC folks. I talk diabetes tips. I give real-life stories and try to help people. That doesn't sound very funny, does it?

Sitting and thinking about it, I thought I had failed my original mission:to find light in the many dark parts of diabetes. But have I? I don't really think so. I think I'm doing a much better job of Twitter than I originally set out to. I set out to be a joke monkey, but I ended up being more. Am I still funny, though? I hope so! Now I know where I stand, and what my mission really is: provide support for anyone who has been touched by diabetes, and hopefully make them laugh along the way. 

All in all, I think I'm going to keep my Twitter description just the way it is, because, well, I like to laugh at diabetes.

(I'm just going to leave this here to close things off. It should be noted that I have never, ever claimed to be an artist!)

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  1. Love the drawings:-) Also, I'm glad to see a "real" photo of you. It's not nearly as snarky as the photo with the pump over your mouth, but now you look just like my kids and their friends. I hope to meet you some day....