Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A weekend without Henry.

For those not in the loop, Henry is my pump. This weekend I had to go without him. Long story short, Henry crapped out. Over the weekend, naturally.

I've been meaning to address the issue of a backup plan with my endo, but I keep forgetting. Really. I've been pumping for... 12 years now. I've only had to resort to a backup once, and it was only overnight, so I just dealt with it using Humalog. Because all great things happen on the weekend, I had to call into my endo's office to talk to the on-call nurse, who didn't seem happy to hear from me. She ended up prescribing me Lantus. "Now, you remember how to use Lantus, right?" she said hopefully. No. I've never taken Lantus in my life. "WHAT?!? You've never taken Lantus?! What on earth were you taking before you started your pump?" I was taking Humulin N in 2002 when I started pumping.

After that ordeal, my mother drove me to the pharmacy to get my Lantus and a baggy full of syringes (yes, I'm 24 and I still run to my mommy when there's a problem. And boyfriend was busy).

I only had to inject it twice, but that stuff burns. Wowza. Mad props to the people who do this every day. In addition to the Lantus, I had to give multiple shots of Humalog. I'm so used to just pressing some buttons and getting my insulin. Now I have to do math? Ugh. Well, at least now I have a calculator on my phone to help me out and my ratios are fairly easy. 

Monday morning I rushed home from my anatomy/physiology test to get home in time to meet the UPS guy. I almost hugged him, but he mocked my shirt, so I just signed and took the package. 

All in all, I think having a broken pump was good for me. I mean, not the hyperglycemia or the blind panic, obviously. The experience of having to go back to MDI, even temporarily really made me appreciate how awesome it is to have a pump, and it highlighted exactly how much I depend on it. The dependency is a little frightening on its own, but I'm learning to cope with it.  

I'm so thankful for my pump. I love my little Henry. 

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