Monday, May 15, 2017

D Blog Week 2017: Diabetes and the Unexpected

Diabetes brings with it a ton of unexpected challenges. For example, take the humble banana. A simple food that, simply put, drives me bananas. One day I can eat the banana and take the right amount of insulin for it, yet my blood sugar will nose dive. The next day I'll eat a comparable banana and take an identical bolus and end up in the stratosphere. This is one of a million examples of unexpected challenges that people without diabetes will never truly understand.

The worst is when things to unexpectedly wrong and there's a possibility you could have prevented it. It's frustrating because something went wrong and because it's partly your own damn fault. Like the one time I decided to rely only on my CGM during a night out to maximize room in my tiny, fancy purse. Of course my Dexcom decided to give me the ??? of doom right when I needed it the most.

For my next example I'll give you a short (but true) story. Even when I thought I had everything planned out perfectly, things still went south. It was a few falls ago and I was going to a Georgia Tech football game (Go Jackets). It was a hot day in Atlanta and I had packed extra pump supplies, just in case. I sweated off the infusion set I had applied only the day before. Right there at the tailgate, I inserted a new set just as the pep band was rounding the corner to our tent and hoped desperately that I wouldn't have to head back to the car for my emergencies-only backup set. Just as we were heading into the game my tubing wrapped around something and nearly pulled all the way out. I was able to save it, but only just. Unexpectedly I had to locate the first aid station and hope they had some medical tape or a Band-Aid.

The upside to all this unexpected nonsense is that I get less worked up over unexpected happenings that are out of my control. Also, I'm more prepared than a Girl Scout in most situations. Usually if someone needs an emergency Sweet Tart, I'll have some in the bottom of my purse. They might be linty, but I have them. Diabetes has trained me to be prepared for the unexpected. 


  1. linty sweet tarts (or smarties) are the best - I tell my kids they have fiber and carbs.
    Daughter is going to prom in a couple weeks - not sure if she will choose to go untethered or wear her pump - either way they don't make a lot of sequined clutches large enough for meter, phone, tabs, and possible pump.
    Im sure she will roll with it though.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. Ugh, I'm pretty sure bananas are the devil haha. I have been in the same boat with the tiny purse and relying on the CGM. 99% of the time it works great but the one time you have your tiny purse is when you get the darn lost sensor error (for my Medtronic pump). Thanks for sharing!

  3. I venture to say no matter what happens, it's never your fault - not even a little bit. It's all diabetes. And bananas.