Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dblog Week Day 4: The Healthcare Experience

I want to start of today's post by saying how much I love my endo's office. By and large, they have their shit together. I know exactly what to expect when I go in and they rarely deviate from the script. I love that. If I get my eye doctor to send over a summary of my last exam, they will have it in their system and my doctor will know how my eyes are doing. Again: I love my endo's office. I do.

This post isn't supposed to be a love letter though. It's supposed to be a summary of things I would like to change about my healthcare experience.

My initial thought is that I wish everyone could just learn the basics about diabetes to avoid pissing me off. I know that this isn't going to happen; it would be unrealistic. If they have to know about diabetes, then they have to know about other conditions, and it snowballs into a huge mental Rolodex that our healthcare providers are expected to know off the top of their heads.

Realistically I would like to see better communication between HCPs. Mostly I want to see my other doctors listen to what my endo says. She's good; she will write notes to other doctors on what to do in terms of my diabetes. She's not telling them how to do their jobs, rather she's telling them how to make their work fit in with what she's already doing for me. They just don't listen.

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