Saturday, January 2, 2016

Diabetes Goals: 2016

2016 already? Time does fly. I'm not normally one for setting goals, but I've done this for the past two years, so why not? Also, I know it's almost January 3, but whatever.

  • Keep my A1C at or below 6.5 all year. I spent all of 2015 at 6.5 and 6.4, so I think I can do it again this year. It feels so good to have your endo actually tell you good job on your A1C. 
  • Use as much insulin as I need and not feel bad about it. Somewhere along the way it got implanted in my head (by a certain CDE I visited) that using more insulin is some sort of failing. As I've already established, I'm fairly insulin resistant. I exercise, and I've taken Metformin (to no avail). I'm still insulin resistant and it's not my fault. I didn't do anything to cause it, and not using as much insulin as I need just because I don't want to see a high number of units on my pump is just stupid. 
  • At least try decreasing the high line on my CGM. Right now it's set to 170. I'd like to at least try it at 160 and see how it goes. 
  • Have more good days than bad, diabetes-wise. Sometimes there's absolutely nothing you can do about the random nature of diabetes, but I'd like to do my best to control the beast.
  • Make people laugh about diabetes-related things. I'd like to continue my lighthearted shenanigans on Twitter. 
That's all. I like to keep my goals manageable and reasonable. The only thing I might add is to make myself blog more, because I got really bad at it last year, but I don't want to push my luck with too many goals. ;)

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