Friday, May 15, 2015

Dblog week day 5: Foods on Friday

Okay, I'm going to start of by admitting that food and I don't have the best relationship. I don't advise eating like me. Some days I don't eat unless I go low, some days I don't eat, and most days I don't eat what a human should. Instead of listing off things I eat on a daily basis, I'm just going to give an overview of the foods I do eat when I eat them.

Breakfast: I hate typical breakfast foods. Most of them are filled with a gazillion carbs and lots of sugar. I also don't like eggs, which are a breakfast staple for many. That being said, I love cereal. My biggest weakness is Froot Loops. I have to bolus 30 minutes before eating them if I don't want to see a huge BG spike. If I wake up in the morning and I'm on the low side, I will fill a bowl with Froot Loops and chow down. My other favorite food for breakfast is a peanut butter sandwich. I know, I know, it's not a typical breakfast food, but whatever.

Lunch: Lunch is my meal most likely to be skipped. What I eat for lunch depends on what I had for breakfast. I eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch. Peanut butter is my go-to, but sometimes I switch it up and have some cheese or faux deli meat (I'm a vegetarian). There's usually a Diet Coke at lunch time whether or not there's an actual lunch.

Dinner: Dinner is the one I almost always eat, mostly because my boyfriend also has to eat and it seems like the thing to do. Dinner is highly variable in what I eat, but pasta and Mexican foods are my favorite to eat. This is the meal where my vegetarianism comes into play. My boyfriend loves meat, and we usually end up making our own versions of the same dish most nights. For example, I'll make a veggie burger and he'll make a burger. It creates more dishes, but fewer arguments.

Snacks: Hummus is the best thing ever. Seriously. It's also very versatile. You can dip so many things in hummus: veggies, pita, a spoon... anything! Sometimes I'll eat hummus on an everything bagel thin for a meal. Mostly this section is about my love for hummus. Tip: take plain hummus and mix is with buffalo sauce for hummus with a delicious kick. It's so freaking good.

Again, I don't advocate eating the way I do, or the way I don't, however you look at it. I know it's not exactly healthy, but the blog prompt said there's no judgments on this, so I'm presenting it just the way I am! 


  1. Yumm, I love Froot Loops and hummus as well! Thanks for your honesty in this post!

  2. You are featured on A Sweet Life today!